I have done my fair share of sun bathing in the past. Remember rubbing baby oil on your skin at the beach instead of sunscreen? When I think back on that I cringe!! I do alot of driving for my job and you would be surprised how much sun you actually get on the left side of your face and arms . I use sunscreen every day; even in the winter and I always use sunscreen on my face.


I have a golf outing coming up in a few weeks. I would like to wear a skort or shorts. I decided to start picking out my outfit for the event. I have a ton of golf clothes I have collected through the years. I tried on each and every possible outfit I had. I ran into 2 issues. #1 Many of them do not fit. What the hell happened over the winter? I can’t button the top button on any of these extra smalls anymore!! … I know cry me a river Sharon LOL… I am in my early 50’s and am not diggin what I’m seein. Catch my drift? How does one go from eating whatever she wants, being thin all her life and exercising when she has time to OH SHIT…..How does that happen? Note to self; go back on your gluten free diet and cut down on sugar.  I need to really start listening to my little sister Wendy.

Wow, did I get off the subject again or what? My main topic was SUN exposure…..and reviewing Younique self tanner lotion .. got it… that’s what I was doing. Great product. Worth the price and it works. It went on smooth, even, not streaky and didn’t burn my skin or make me break out. The best thing is it didn’t STINK. It had a pleasant smell to it. On a 1 to 10 scale, this product gets a 10 (TEN).  And yes the picture below is actually ME and my white, english/polish/welsh skin.  NO FILTER NO PHOTO SHOP. Younique self tanner lotion is amazing.

Just me and my glorious whiteness and proud of it until I wear shorts    🙂

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