Mascara – 2 GREAT Options

Product Review:  Lash Intensity Vs. Younique Mascara.

When it comes to Mascara I am pretty picky.  I am using Mary Kay Lash Intensity which I love and still use.Lash Intensity    Recently my daughter asked me to try the Younique 3D Mascara.

3D Lash OMG LOVE IT.  

The major difference here is simple.  If you want long & thick lashes use the Mary Kay Lash Intensity.Lash Intensity

If you are looking for EXTRA LONG and thick lashes, use the 3D.  3D Both are excellent products.  It really depends on the type of function you are attending that day.  If I am going to work, I use the Mary Kay Lash Intensity. If I am going out on the town or a special occasion I will use the 3D.

Mary Kay:  Pros-One step process and provides you with thick lashes, not clumpy. Only $18

                    Cons-Doesn’t give you the length the 3D does

Younique 3D:  Pros-Gives you very long & thick lashes

                    Cons- (I had to come up with one)…’s a 3 step process,

                  Prime lashes, apply fibers and re-prime to adhere fibers. It’s also more expensive however I’m sure if you contact the Younique representative she can work with you.

Hmmmmm what do you think?

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